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Everything you need to know while I’m away, because there’s more to your dog than just eating, peeing and playing.

About My Dog is the ultimate personalized handbook about your dog for you & the ones who care for them while you’re away. Happy Dogs. Happy Humans. Happy Caregivers.

You may have the most perfect pooch on the planet or one who shares the following:

  • Suffers from separation anxiety
  • Has special needs
  • Follows a specific diet or medication regimen
  • Manic chewer
  • A holistic howler
  • Poop … there it is!

You know your dog better than anyone. Your dog walker, professional pet sitter, doggie day care provider or family and friends will appreciate the details about your dog in writing – it’s everything they need to know while you’re away.

About My Dog is an easy reference, an insightful guide and unique – like your dog who’s one of a kind. Call us today at (240) 813-8033!

Sep anx spec needs dietary medication

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